Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sweet Pleasures

I can't describe to you how much I love each and everyone of my cooking classes. It is so rewarding and gratifying to have a group of people come over to your house, talk about food, nutrition and healthy ingredients and then make some amazingly delicious recipes. Well last nights class was just that. I had seven wonderful girls come and join me in making some healthy and tasty desserts. In this class everyone learned about the natural alternatives that can be used to make your desserts more nutritious. I mean what could be better than making scrumptious desserts without guilt?

Yes, of course these dessert still have calories. They are foods....and all food has calories. But what is nice to know is that the calories in these desserts also come along with some nutrients - something you don't get with commercially baked products with white flour, processed dairy and refined sugars!

The other best part of hosting a cooking class is watching the group interact and connect together as they team up and make the recipe that interests them most and if not just helped along with a recipe to learn new techniques or how to use alternative ingredients.

So the end result was great, everyone's sweet tooth was fulfilled. How could they not be with "the best brownies I have ever tasted"?

It was truly the sweetest pleasure seeing everyone create these dessert recipes and enjoy each and every decadent bite. Is not only rewarding for me to have recipes that are successful in a cooking class but more importantly the gratification that is felt among my participants when they feel nourished with knowledge and wholesome foods all at once!


Informed said...

Please explain what you mean when you say that the calories in "processed" dairy do not come with any nutrients. Milk contains several nutrients, including calcium, vitamin D, viamin A, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, carbohydrate, protein, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B12, and the list goes on.

Marni Wasserman said...

Hi there,

What I mean in this write up is that because this was focused on commercially processed dairy, wheat and sugar---I am explaining how when commercial dairy is processed it is stripped of its essential nutrients (the ones you mentioned). These essential nutrients will most likely only be found in 100% organic dairy milk or possibly 2%, where the milk has been left in tact and has not been pasteurized or heavily processed. Also with a lot of processed dairy items such as sweetened yogurts, ice creams and other sugar and dairy based desserts on the shelves, there is very little nutrition left in these items.
For the record, I am not claiming that milk does not contain some vital nutrients...I am simply stating that processed milk and milk products are stripped of there key nutrients when processed sugars are an integral part of the product.

I hope this clarifies your comment.